me alésia
The author at Alésia, France

Recent research suggests that we sit too much and that even bouts of exercise cannot undo the negative effects of too much sitting.  Apparently, we should try to stand up and move around every 20 minutes.

I’m actually a great believer in sitting on the floor, or on the ground if the weather is warm and dry. I think it’s a shame that most people ‘grow’ out of sitting on the floor and tend to associate it with university days or kindergarten.

In my experience, the act of sitting on the floor has a number of benefits.  Your body remains dynamic and you shift position much more often than on a chair.  It promotes greater suppleness and general flexibility in the body and you use muscles getting down and up from the floor that you wouldn’t use otherwise.  There’s also a grounding effect.

I’m not suggesting that you should give up your favourite comfy armchair, but there’s an awful lot of uncomfortable furniture out there.  In my book, sitting on the floor is largely preferable to sitting on an uncomfortable chair.

I am suggesting, however, that you give it a try.  You might be appalled to find that this simple and natural act has become extremely difficult to achieve, in which case your body is telling you something.  You can either ignore that or listen.  If you decide to persevere, take it easy, particularly if the last time you were ‘down there’ was some decades ago.  Be patient with yourself and don’t strain.  A few minutes is enough to begin with.

If you carry on, who knows, you may find as you progress that you become happier on the floor than in that time hallowed comfy armchair of yours.  Wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books?

Have a great week.