Calling All Spammers

There’s something I really don’t get here, so perhaps all you spammers out there can enlighten me.

What do think you are achieving by making silly comments on my site – or anyone else’s for that matter?

We all have plugins that detect spam instantly and it takes approximately five seconds every now and then to check the spammy names and junk the whole lot (thirty-six this evening to be precise). The people who read my site never even see your ‘messages.’

Do you really not have anything better to do with the precious time that you have on earth?

What about creating your own site and producing something useful? Wouldn’t that be more rewarding?

Just a thought….

P.S. Update: I don’t even read your comments anymore. I just click the ‘Empty Spam’ button from time to time. So you collectively waste about one second of my time. Is it worth it?