The Glass Is Half Full….


I’m often surprised by how a small shift in the way we look at things can have a huge effect on how we feel and what we see.

For example, once all the leaves have fallen off the trees, what we tend to see is an absence.  We regret the leaves that are no longer there, particularly when the autumn has been as finely coloured as this one here in Switzerland.  There can be something a bit depressing about all those bare branches and the splendor turned to mush on the ground.

But wait a minute!  If we look closer, we can see loads of buds or catkins on the tree already prepared for spring, just waiting to explode with a bit of fine weather.


Simply by changing how we choose to look, absence and negativity has turned into a wonderful promise of spring and regeneration.

You feel better already, don’t you?

Have a great week


P.S. These are just two examples from my garden, a magnolia and a hazelnut bush (or corylus avellana contorta for those who are up on their Latin!)

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