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I want to thank everybody for their comments on these pages – and there have been a lot since I revamped the site.  It’s great to have so much feedback and to hear that these posts are useful for you.

But I also wanted to make an appeal:

If you can avoid using a translating programme or plugin, please do.

As you know, computer language is utterly logical – it’s on or off, 1 or 0, yes or no.  Any question must be a closed question, resulting in a positive or a negative reply.  At best,  “If 1, do 0.”  That sort of thing.

Organic languages such as English or French have evolved over thousands of years from various sources and their development has not been dictated by logic alone.  They are the expression of a national or tribal identity and have as much to do with emotions as with logic.

This means that it is extremely difficult for a computer programme to do a good job in translating from one language to another.  The result is that many computer translations are, quite frankly, unintelligible.

So I would like to ask you please wherever possible to try and write your thoughts in English yourself, rather than resorting to your computer to do it for you.  Even if you think your English is lousy and that you’ll never be able to do it.  Just try.

I can almost guarantee that your message will come across more clearly than with an automatic translator.

Many thanks.

As this is more of a personal appeal, I’ll try to get another post up this week with a more satisfying tip for endurance free living.




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