Russo-Ukrainian War

Photo by Julia Rekamie on Unsplash

Here’s a thought.

How about this for a negotiated settlement?

First, Russia pulls its army out of Ukraine completely.

Then fair and true referendums without any tampering are held in the Donbas and Crimea under the organisation and inspection of a third-party state decided by agreement between Russia and Ukraine.

If the real result of any of the elections shows that most people in that oblast genuinely want to be part of Russia, then Ukraine cedes the territory.

If however, the residents wish to remain as part of Ukraine, then Russia relinquishes all claim.

End of war.

Too simple?

May your life never become an endurance test.

My best wishes to all of you for Christmas and 2023.


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Brigitte and myself at the crater of Seongsan Ilchul-bong, Jeju Isalnd, South Korea,
22nd October 2022