Important Documentaries About Cancer

Just to let you know that the fascinating and eye-opening documentary series “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” is showing again on the internet for free starting 12th April 2016 at 9pm USA Eastern Time.  More details at:

*The Truth About Cancer

This is a must-see series for anyone who wants to be properly informed about cancer, its causes and remedies.  As 1 in 3 of us is likely to be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetime according to the latest predictions, we owe it to ourselves to know what we’re dealing with.

This series offers viable alternative solutions to the standard cut, poison and burn treatments that conventional medicine has used for decades and continues to use without any real regard for patients.

I guarantee you will come away from watching these films with a new sense of hope with regard to this devastating disease.  As Ty Bollinger, the producer says, a diagnosis of cancer need not be a death sentence.

Here’s the link again:

*The Truth About Cancer

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Stepping Back From Sugar

There’s little doubt in my mind that industrial sugar is poison.

Granted, we need a certain amount of sugar to power our bodies, but it’s really very small compared to our daily intake.

The problem is that we eat a lot of processed foods nowadays and these contain a huge amount of sugar. If you start looking at the composition of what you are eating, I guarantee you will be truly shocked. Often, an apparently savoury product contains as much sugar as you might expect in a sweet one.

Sugar is highly addictive. Like any addiction, you need more of it as you go along in order to get your fix. Any company that has enough money to advertise on TV will run extensive testing before putting their product on the market. As people become increasingly addicted to sugar, the version with more sugar tends to be the most popular in testing and that become the definitive product ending up on the supermarket shelves. It’s a vicious circle.

What to do?

Ultimately, we need to re-educate our taste buds. We need to get back to a state where we can actually recognize the taste of sugar. We’re so used to it that we don’t even really taste it any more. And that’s the problem.

So how can we step back from sugar?

Here is a small suggestion.

Drink a glass of water with a little lemon juice in it every day.

It’s particularly effective first thing in the morning or last thing at night before going to bed. I personally have a glass of lemon water on my bedside table at night.

If you’re a sugar baby, you probably won’t like it to begin with, so you are going to need a little will power. But persevere.

As the days and weeks go by, try to increase the dose of lemon in the water so you really get a good strong taste of lemon. And try to drink more water instead of Coke or other sweet drinks!

If you can’t justify this course of action on a taste basis, then be aware that lemon juice exerts a number of valuable effects on the body.

It’s a great source of vitamin C, of course, but it’s also a formidable digestive, helping you to reduce acidity and reflux after meals. For those of you with heart problems, it also acts as a blood thinner. Fresh lemon is obviously best, but if you can’t be bothered to squeeze a lemon, you can buy flasks or bottles of pure lemon juice at the supermarket and use that.

As time goes on and you become used to the taste of lemon, you will find that your perception of the taste of food in general will gradually change. You will learn to identify the taste of sugar. You will start to enjoy the taste of real food. And you will start to wonder why so many products are so sweet.

You will end up by realizing that the taste of sugar is perhaps not really so pleasing after all.

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Healthy Comment 2

I wrote a post recently about the most valuable health comment I’d ever heard:

Healthy Comment

Here is the second most valuable health comment I’ve ever heard:

“… you have to be sick in order to develop cancer. You know, you don’t get cancer and then you’re sick.”

*Dr. Véronique Desaulniers in Episode 2 of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, Ty Bollinger, documentary series, 2015.

Much as we would prefer not to think or talk about it, cancer concerns all of us. The current prediction is that 50% of men and 33% of women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.  And even if we don’t fall ill ourselves, we all have family members, friends or colleagues that we have lost as a result of this scary disease.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about cancer and much of the scariness resides, not in the disease itself, but in the so-called ‘cures’ that conventional medicine has to offer: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Your doctor will almost certainly not tell you, for example, that chemotherapy is useless in many cases or that the five year survival rate for patients that is attributable solely to chemo treatment is calculated as being 2.1% in the USA and 2.3% in Australia, according to a 2004 Australian study.

See also this article which seeks to put this study into perspective from an anti-alternative treatment vantage point.

Your doctor will also certainly not inform you of any conflict of interest involved in prescribing a chemotherapy treatment. In many countries, such as the USA and France, doctors receive a significant financial kick-back from pharmaceutical companies when they prescribe such drugs.

But there is hope.

There are many alternative treatments and natural protocols out there, many of which work astonishingly well.  It’s just that people lack the knowledge to make informed decisions about how to deal with cancer and perhaps even more important, how to prevent it.

Ty Bollinger of * The Truth About Cancer lost seven members of his family to cancer and its conventional treatments, and as a result, he has made it his life’s work to discover the truth about cancer, to reveal the misinformation inherent in the health industry as we know it and to inform the general public about alternative and natural cures and preventative protocols.  His website, films and work literally save lives and give real hope.  As he says, a cancer diagnosis need not be a sentence of death.

I do heartily recommend that you visit the site:


to find out about the real causes of cancer and what you can do about it.  Your life or the life of a loved one may depend upon it.

Watch and/or buy the films that Ty has produced:

*The Truth About Cancer: The Quest For Cures
*The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

The films contain numerous interviews with specialists, from all over the world in the case of “A Global Quest,” and cancer survivors.  The documentaries are extremely well-researched. I can guarantee that you will learn many things from the experience, some of them truly shocking.

But the most important thing you will carry away from them is hope.

I wish you a wonderful week.




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Hospital Rules?

Anybody about to go into hospital, who has a friend or loved one going into a hospital or already there?

Even if you don’t have a hospital visit lined up, you should watch this video.  Forewarned is forearmed.  You owe it to yourself to take control of your own health.

Watch this phenomenal interview between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Andrew Saul.  Stick with it because Dr. Saul is incredibly lucid and what he has to say about hospital care is pretty scary.

But there is hope.  You, as patient, have the power to say, ‘no.’ 

And Dr. Saul offers some invaluable advice on how to survive a stay.

Incidentally, the book is “Hospitals and Health: Your Orthomolecular Guide to a Shorter, Safer Hospital Stay,” by Dr. Andrew Saul, and it’s available at any on-line bookstore.  Dr. Saul’s own website is:



I really hope this is of assistance to you.




Healthy Site


This is just a heads-up for a really good health site:

If you want to know more about how to keep yourself healthy, there’s no better resource on the internet.  I strongly encourage you to sign up for the free newsletter, which arrives every day.  The articles are fascinating and very informative.

As Dr. Mercola points out, there are about 200 medical papers coming out every week and who has time to read all of that?  He keeps you up to speed with the latest research on nutrition and health, as well as important environmental issues that ultimately affect everybody.  His remarks are naturally geared towards the situation in the U.S.A. as he lives in Florida, but most of the problems he talks about are relevant wherever you live.

For example, genetically engineered (GE) crops and clear labelling of food is a current concern in the U.S. but it really concerns all of us.  Here in Switzerland, we have a moratorium on GE crops until 2017, but you can bet your bottom Swiss franc that misguided scientists, politicians and representatives of the food industry will once again try to convince the general population that GE is safe when it comes time to vote on renewal.

Dr. Mercola is a proponent of a holistic approach to health and suggests many natural solutions to health problems. He represents an alternative to the costly and destructive drug-based treatments currently imposed by so-called ‘traditional medicine’ and big pharma. You owe it to your health to look into what he has to say.

Incidentally, if you have a pet, there are also articles on common problems which you may find very useful.

Just to underline my own enthusiasm for this site, I should tell you that I frequently add comments on the articles myself under the name ‘invisipics.’

Need I say more?

Have a great week!